Our wish is to encourage and support people in volunteering their time, ideas, skills and expertise in creating new or additional groups and events throughout the whole of Gloucestershire.

We also need more facilitators to support us with the existing peer support groups, assist during our upcoming events and help in moderating our growing number of Facebook Peer Support Groups.

Please go to our Contact Us page and let us know how you would like to volunteer.

Peer Support Group Facilitators

If you have experience as a group facilitator then maybe you feel the calling to start a new peer support group – perhaps in a new area like Cirencester or a group for Young People in Gloucestershire?

If you don’t yet have facilitator experience but enjoy attending the group meetings, then you could begin by joining an experienced facilitator at one of our existing groups in a supportive facilitator role.

All that we ask is that you have either ADHD (for the adults’ groups) or have significant understanding of ADHD through your own family (for the parents’ group) and that you are also able to encourage others as to how ADHD can bring positivity to lives.

Activity Session or Workshop Leaders

Calling all creative individuals, performers and hobbyists!

We are inviting you to share your expertise in your field with fellow ADHD people who have an interest in starting and maintaining new hobbies – perhaps just a one off or regular monthly informative sessions about your passion.

Do you have artistic talents, hobbies or interests? Or even non-artistic ones such as amateur astronomy or amassing collections? Do you have circus skills? Or are skilled with magic tricks?

We are giving you a chance for you to shine and share your passions, so please feel free to get in touch via Contact Us and we can discuss how we will support you.