Adult Resources

Please find below information, resources and links that you may find helpful recommended by group members. If you have any suggestions, additions, corrections or feedback then please get in touch!

Are you a parent or carer for someone with ADHD? Head to our Parent and Carer Resources page.


ADHD UK have made this handy Diagnosis pathways for Adult ADHD on the steps in getting a diagnosis, including a link to the current Right to Choose providers and their waiting times.

Psychiatry-UK have a pretty good waiting time at the moment.

Evolve offer Right To Choose assessments for ADHD and Autism (or both as a combined neurodevelopmental assessment) for children/ young people up to the age of 19 who are in education and receive child benefit. 

Don’t be disheartened by the waiting lists, sometimes you can get a cancellation!

Here is a good link to an explanation and signs of ADHD in adults that can help you understand it better and help you explain to your doctor


ADDitude – it has been so helpful to me and many others that I know. It regularly has free webinars, has self-diagnosis tests, articles, etc

ADHD Foundation – Fantastic group with resources.

ADHD UK – Lots of regular webinars and online support groups.

Totally ADD – independent resource for reliable information.


Scattered Minds by Dr Gabor Maté

Found this book really profound, good to dip in and out.

ADHD 2.0 by Edward M. Hallowell and John J. Ratey

Great for how ADHD brains are as it is really short and concise but invaluable.


ADD/ADHD | What Is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? – This video is so brilliant and would be perfect to show your own family and friends if you wanted them to understand you and ADHD better

How to ADHD –  a great series by someone with ADHD, the videos are quick and fun.

Support Groups

Stroud District Adults with ADHD – Support and Social Group – This is a group run by adults with ADHD for adults with ADHD, either pre or post diagnosis.

Stroud District Parents and Carers of Children with ADHD – Support Group – This is a private peer support group run by adults with ADHD for parents and carers (of any age) children with ADHD, either pre or post diagnosis.

Stroud Neurodiverse Universe – This is a safe space for people who identify as having some kind of neurodiversity to connect with each other, share stories and celebrate what it means to us to see the world differently.

Executive Dysfunction Life Hacks – This is an inclusive place for the neurodiverse to talk about executive dysfunction.

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria Support Group – This is a safe haven and support group for Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria! Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, or the extreme emotional pain linked to feelings of rejection and shame, commonly affects children and adults with ADHD.