Welcome to the new Stroud ADHD Community Peer Support Group website.

We are here to offer support and information to everyone who resides in the Stroud District and surrounding towns. Whether you are curiously researching ADHD for a family member, beginning your ADHD journey yourself or diagnosed years ago, we would love you to join our supportive community and use this website to aid your quest for more understanding of ADHD and its associated traits.

Many people with ADHD have often had to struggle through life being misunderstood, misinterpreted and misdiagnosed. Our wish is to raise awareness of ADHD, to remove the stigma of having a neurodivergence and to help make our District a kinder, more compassionate place for those with living with ADHD and other related Neurodiversity’s.

Adults, parents and young people who need support in Gloucestershire now have an increasingly expanding range of support groups and local activities, both online and in-person. We created our Peer Support Groups as often the best help comes from meeting others who have lived experience of ADHD and can therefore understand our difficulties and celebrate our wins.
Not only can each of us offer an understanding ear to listen to the struggles we may face, we also wish to celebrate the positive aspects of our ADHD and to encourage each other in overcoming our obstacles and to thrive.

We currently hold face to face peer support groups in Stroud but are hoping our members will be able to offer additional support groups in Gloucester, Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Dursley, Wotton-under-Edge and Cirencester in the near future. Please also see the support groups page for further information on the online support groups (for adults, couples and parents) which include group coaching and Q&As led by ADHD Coaches from various groups countrywide.

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